Premier distributor for non-toxic solution that perform well in the event of an emergency situation. 

Virus and Mold mitigation

Class Leading

Advanced fire supression and retardant technology.

Longer Life

Up to 10yrs shelf life with minimal performance degradation. 

100% non-toxic

100% natural AFFF Foam replacement technology that saves more lives, property and won't cause cancer!

One Product

Effective on class A, B, C, D, K and Forest fires. A single product to address all youre needs.

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Solving for... Benefits Products
 - Fire Proofing  - Natural landscapes, property and infrastructures  - Fireosafe A1
 - Direct Fire Fighting  - PFAS Free AFFF Replacement  - Fireosafe M3F
 - Environmental Chemical detox, gases, smoke, contaminants, CO2 sequestration  - Eco-Friendly Wetting Agent  - FireTerminator
 - Post disaster cleanup  - Environmental detox smoke, mold, contaniments, air quality  - FireTerminator GG9
 - Body of water restoration, water treatment    - Ultra-Lyte
     - Zero-Lyte
     - Airoflow Zero
     - RET350
     - AquaSplit
     - FLOKKIT

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  • Validation

    AiroLyte has been validated by the following research institutions: U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, United States Department of Agriculture, World Health Organization, Auburn University, Mississippi State University, University of Colorado and more.

  • Efficacy

    AiroLyte was 99.9999% effective at killing the Swine Flu (H1N1), Bird Flu (H5N1) and Coronavirus (COVID-19) viruses, and is NON-TOXIC.

About Us

Halofect Global is a distribution company focused on providing non-toxic solutions to our customers. We provide fire fighting products that are PFAS-free AFFF alternatives, soil remediation for military installations/oil & gas sites, air purification and intelligent analysis and water purification that returns polluted water to a drinkable standard.

The non-toxic fluids and technology have been tested in a wide range of markets including hospitality, academics, healthcare, agriculture, transportation and mold remediation, all of which resulted in a more effective and cost-efficient method of disinfection and fire remediation.